Author: Akasha Waugh


DragonPri’s is hosting a Samhain Event. This event is free and child friendly. There will be vendors and healers at this event. They will be offering their services to those who wish and the vendors will have items they have worked hard to make. There will be candy to be handed out for the kids […]

New Product!

DragonPri’s has been working really hard to get this product out and on the shelves. We are excited to say that we finally got these sewn, packaged,labelled and on our shelves. These are Stuffable Gingerbread Dolls. They are so perfect for more than just ritual reasons. They are also good dream dolls and toys for […]


Today we celebrate Mabon. This is a Sabbat that celebrates the autumn equinox. It is believed that the name came from a welsh hero Mabon. This holiday also celebrates mid harvest or the second harvest. This is the time of year that farmers are in their fields gathering food for their families for the long […]