Call Out to all Local Talent

DragonPri’s is calling out to all local talent for 2 reasons at this time. We understand that during this very difficult time, it has been even more difficult to connect with people and showcase what you can do. DragonPri’s is opening up a whole section just for locals to advertise what they can do and to offer ways to connect with them personally. Also, DragonPri’s is hosting a healers and vendors event on October 31. We are hoping that by this time the Covid threat will be at lower levels and that people will feel like getting out. So, for those who just cant stand being indoors and need to get out, here is something just for you. DragonPri’s is hosting this event. We are hoping that some of local healers will feel up to coming out and showcasing what they do for our community. We would like to have the vendors and healers show up between 1 and 2 pm on the 31 of October. We will have some tables and we will have areas for healer’s to be able to see clients. DragonPri’s plans to serve a pot lock between 5 and 6 pm and we will be encouraging everyone to bring a dish to share. We are looking to do a simple ceremony in honor of this Sabbath. We will have Karaoke for those who feel like getting up and singing. We will be serving mead during and after our ceremony and we are looking to have a bon fire. We are hoping to see many familiar faces. Those who have been lost to this virus will be remembered during this event. If you can’t make this event or just can’t risk the exposure, we completely understand. Hopefully many of the Healer’s and vendors will allow me to advertise them to everybody in our local talent section so that you can still get in touch with them without the risk or on at a time that works better for you.

If you are interested in either the event or allowing DragonPri’s to add you to our local Talent section then please contact Akasha through text at 256-345-3950 or through Facebook Messenger. Hope to see you all soon and as always, Blessed Be!

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