DragonPri’s Releases Hazard Cats Line

These Cat Embroidered Drawstring Bags are just the beginning of a line of new products that will be hitting DragonPri’s shelves this week. They have been created in honor of Lisa Hazard and her outstanding Hazard Cat Tarot Deck that she has worked so hard on for more than 2 years. We are so very excited for her accomplishments of such a large undertaking. It takes a master to create a deck and she really shows those skills in each and every card. She crafted her beautiful deck from the very cats that she has been blessed to have in her life. Now through her stunning Tarot deck she is able to share these marvelous memories with us. Lisa Hazard proves her mastery of Tarot with her creation of The Hazard Cat Tarot Deck. When Lisa does readings for her clients she uses the Hazard Cat Tarot Deck and gives such clear and accurate readings that keep her clients coming back for more. To honor her memory of these beautiful cats and her dedication to immortalize them in such an amazing way as to share them and her gifts with us, DragonPri’s has started to create a line of products that are starting with these drawstring bags and soon will even make it onto masks too. Keep on checking back to see other products this line will have for you. Hope the New Year has been full of blessings for you. Stay safe and as always, Blessed Be!

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