Here you will find the Events that DragonPri’s will be hosted, along with the times and dates of these events. You will also find out details about these events so that way you can have a better idea what it is that we are doing and what you can expect.

Samhain Event

DragonPri’s will be hosting this event on October 31. We will be taking full advantage of the fact that it will be a blue moon, on a Saturday that gives us 1 extra hour due to it being day light savings time. We understand that many will not be able to make it because of Covid. For those who can and are in need of getting out, this event is for you.

We still have room for more healers and vendors. DragonPri’s will be opening up our family home for areas that healers will need to perform any healing they feel they need to or can. We do have an outdoor living area were we will have karaoke, and hopefully a couple of vendors. Our porch will be cleaned up for even more vendors.

DragonPri’s will be serving food between 5 pm and 6 pm. This will be pot luck style. We are encouraging everyone to bring something to share. Around 7 pm, there will be a healing ceremony where we will be calling upon our ancestors for some healing and to share a treat with our loved ones that have passed on. We did this last year and we had so much fun. We all felt like our loved ones were there sharing a treat with us. My wonderful husband has been working hard on making some mead just for this event. Some of you may remember the mead from our wedding ceremony earlier this year that he made. It inspired him to brew some for this event. We will be offering some to our ancestors and with those in the circle that wish. The mead will be available after the ceremony as well and you do not have to participate in the ceremony in order to enjoy the mead. We are hoping that the weather is our friend and allows us to have a bon fire this night. It would be perfect for this blessed day. Hope to see you all there and as always, Blessed Be!

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