Getting things Ready for Samhain!

DragonPri’s has been working hard to get things ready for the Samhain Event. We have things looking really nice in one of the areas we have set aside for healers and readers to be able to do what they do best in a pleasant atmosphere that is comfortable. There is still a few things needed done in this area but it looks to nice to not share at this time with you. We want to make sure, that not only will the public be able to feel relaxed but our guest healers and readers as well while they do their best to aide those who seek their help this Saturday. We will have a couple of amazing Readers/Healers and a couple of some amazing Ladies who are miraculous with yarn when it comes to Crotchet items. We will also have a vendor who has a very long history with the craft and I am so excited to have her as our quest. Some will know who I am talking about and those who don’t won’t want to miss the opportunity to get to talk to her and see her wares. I will save the introduction to the amazing people that we will have as our vendors and healers. They do such a better job at that than I could ever do. There may be a couple more vendors at this event than I have let on so don’t be surprised who you will see and what we have in store for everyone to enjoy on this special day, that marks the end of summer and the beginning of the dark half of the year.

Our vendors will set up their areas between 1 and 2 pm. We will begin the event for the public at 2pm. Around 5 pm. we will be serving food. DragonPri’s will be supplying hot dogs and hamburgers for this event. There will also be some warm apple cider that I know many will enjoy. What better way to bring in the end of harvest season. There will be a simple Pagan Circle Ritual to call upon our ancestors and take advantage of this Blessed Night. This will begin at 7 pm. Throughout the day there will be a place to create a corn husk doll along with instructions on how to create one. If you are going to be a part of our circle, you will need one of these to burn. We did a similar event last year and everyone who participated felt more connected to their ancestors. There will be karaoke and a bon fire too.

There will be a raffle going on this day too. We will be giving away a large rose quartz and a Tarot Reading Gift Certificate from DragonPri’s that will be good for a free 20 minute Reading from Akasha. Everybody gets one free ticket by showing up. After that, you will have to make purchases with the vendors to get more tickets. Every $10 spent gets you a ticket. Other vendors may choose to donate to this raffle only if they choose to. We will be having a drawing for the winners of the raffle at 7:30 pm. After our Circle Ritual.

This should be a fun event. It costs nothing to come and the vendors will have plenty of items to purchase. Children are welcome and the vendors should have candy for any trick or treaters who may decide to come by. So, come on by and check us out. Hope to see you all there and as always, Blessed Be!

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