Happy New Year!

We, at DragonPri’s hope everybody has a safe and happy New Years!

Everybody can agree that 2020 was a difficult year and are ready to put this whole year behind you. I can understand that, but this year hasn’t been all bad. I do want to keep a few memories of this year with me. I just know from my own past the importance of not allowing the negativity into a new beginning. I have had more than a few bad years in my life and feel the need to give this bit of wisdom and knowledge that was hard learned for me. In the past when a new beginning was ahead of me, I would focus on all the things I didn’t want in my new beginning. This was alright, but actually brought that negative energy into my new life without me knowing. It took me a long time to realize I was so doing things wrong and actually setting myself up for failure right from the start line. While reflecting on what you don’t want is good. It helps you to set the boundaries you need to. The thing is, a new beginning is so very tough and has no room for negativity and usually has no time for it. So instead, focus on what was good. What brought laughter to your life this year? Bring that into this new year. What made you feel loved and accepted this past year? I bet someone or something did. Bring that into this new year. What relief and aide did you receive that made life feel, even for an instant, like you had an angel looking out for you? Take the feelings that gave you into the new year. Take the positive things into the new year. I want to challenge everybody to reexamine this past year looking for only the good things. Look for the memories of laughter, loving someone and feeling loved in return. Bring that energy into this new year and fight to keep the negative out of your head and heart while thinking of this year we are about to have. This is hard to do, but so very worth it in the end. Life is to short to hold onto the worst years. We have a new beginning heading our way with 2021. Lets bring it in with remembering the good and bring that into the new year. What ways are you planning to make this year better for you and anybody else who would benefit? Keep your thoughts hopeful and positive and call those things into your new beginning. I bet your year will be a lot better when you do. Hope, love, laughter, joy, acceptance, feeling blessed are all emotions that are highly charged that can make miracles happen. Go ahead and call your miracle, you so deserve it! Hope your New Year is full of many blessing and miracles and as always, Blessed Be!

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