Over the past few years, we have been so very blessed to come across all kinds of locals who have so many talents and are looking for ways to connect with people who either need the products that they work so hard to make or the services they are uniquely qualified for. So, to honor them, DragonPri’s has decided to create an entire section just for them. You can find the information you need here about what they do and how to connect with them also. This way you can connect with them personally and get what you need.

Crochet Talent

Squirrelly Crochet

My name is Jana Earls, owner and crocheter at Squirrelly Crochet. Squirrelly Crochet is a handmade business that begun with my transition into a stay-at-home mom in 2019, but my love of crochet creating begun more than a decade ago! I specialize in gorgeous wearables, such as hats, shawls, and sweaters as well as beautiful blankets and baby items! Contact me at (256)227-1453 or through email at squirrellycrochet@gmail.com

Gifted Readers

Hello! You can call me Spiritual Soul. I started my spiritual journey about 8 years ago. I always knew that religion just didn’t sit well with me. I used to feel spirits with me as I was an only child and my mother worked all the time. I would have things happen to me but wouldn’t know why or tell anyone because they would think I was crazy! Eventually as I got older and started to realize that I was very powerful. I then begun digging deeper and deeper into myself. I realized that the voices and the feelings and seeing things was all a gift! Then I got a calling to start reading for people and give them the guidance and help they need. I am just steadily growing, learning and evolving. I am so thankful for that! My gifts are; I am a Tarot, Oracle and Pendulum Reader. I am also clairvoyant as well as an Empath and a beginner Medium. I am slowly working to bring my powers out. You can contact me and book a reading from me here https://www.facebook.com/Spiritual-Soul-109450330886866

This and That

Bad Wolf Raven

Raven likes to do a little bit of everything so to speak. She creates lotions, salts, charms, spell jars. She also knits, sews, and crochet bags for everything. Raven can also do resin casts with gems and crystals in them along with creating custom rune sets. You can reach her at badwolfraven89@outlook.com

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