New Moon

I know the picture is of a Full Moon and this blog will be about the New Moon. I just really like this picture and this topic will be about the Moon. Most people come to my store and ask what to do on Full Moon nights, but rarely anybody asks me what can be done on New Moon nights. There are so many things that can be done on New Moons. One thing you can do is a reset drain on your crystals. This is like a reboot for your crystals when they haven’t been feeling right and you think you may have exposed them to something that has them feeling weird. This will completely wipe your crystals of anything that may be stored in or on your stones. Just set them out on the New Moon night. Don’t forget to cleanse them first. I like to take them and place them in a safe until the next Full Moon. They won’t be able to assist me until I charge them again, so I don’t do this often. I have never done this more than one time in a year, and usually after a really hard year. Sometimes I go years without doing this.

For those who are calling things into their lives, like prosperity, healing, new job, new career, and even a new home; New Moon nights are perfect for this. So, the next time that you are doing spell work where you are in need of something new coming in, remember that New Moon nights have the perfect energy just for that. Also, if you repeat your work every night from the New Moon until the Fool Moon, you have a higher chance of getting exactly what you are asking for. Just be careful what you asked to and remember to visualize your new coming into your life and what your life will be like with it. Remember to have some fun doing it while you are at it. So don’t hesitate to make your spell completely you. Enjoy!

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