New Moon

Tonight is the first night of the New Moon! I know I posted a pick of a full moon, but new moons can’t really be seen and since this post is about the moon and I really love this picture, I just choose to use it.

Now that I got that out of the way, what are your plans for tonight? Do you know what can be done on a New Moon or that it is just as important as the Full Moon?

One thing you can do on a New Moon night is do a reset on your crystals. Sometimes the energy can just get to where it just isn’t right with your crystal no matter what you do. So reboot it by letting the “rays” from the New Moon reset it’s energy. It is similar to charging your crystals except in reverse. That way, when the Full Moon comes along, you can charge them and really enjoy them. If you have never done this, you may want to give it a try. Resetting your crystals is good for them. You don’t have to reset all of them. You will know which ones you feel need this.

New Moons are perfect for reflection on what you need brought into your life. New beginnings, new romances, new careers, new partnerships, new goals, new freedoms, you get the idea. Tonight is the night to create rituals that can help bring these things about. If you don’t get to it tonight, you will always have tomorrow night. These things can be done then too.

I know this year has been tough and many are trying to figure out how to bring things that they need into their lives. This night is one of those nights that can help make it happen. So, have a wish, desire, dream and want it to happen so very badly, then write it down and burn it in the flames of a candle that can help aide you. You can go as elaborate or simple as you would like.

Hope this help you bring those dreams into a reality, I know it has for me and believe me, I plan to take full advantage of this night myself for not only personal and family, but for DragonPri’s as well. Have a magical night and as always, Blessed Be!

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