New Product!

DragonPri’s has been working really hard to get this product out and on the shelves. We are excited to say that we finally got these sewn, packaged,labelled and on our shelves.

These are Stuffable Gingerbread Dolls. They are so perfect for more than just ritual reasons. They are also good dream dolls and toys for cats. They can be stuffed with herbs that are perfect for the work that you are doing. There is a flap in the back that marks where to cut. Just raise the flap and cut. Makes it easier to hide the stitches if you wish to sew it up, or you can leave it open for continuous work where you can change or add the stuffing as you wish. These are $12 at DragonPri’s if you are interested in purchasing one. Akasha has created a video on how to use these on DragonPri’s YouTube channel.

Be on the lookout for another new product in a week or two. Hoping to be releasing portable alters filled with alter supplies. Keep your fingers crossed that all works out and we can get these ready quickly and on our shelves.

DragonPri’s is hosting a healers and vendors event, Samhain Event, on October 31. We are looking at between 1 and 2 pm that the vendors and healers set up. Between 5 and 6 pm, DragonPri’s will be setting out food. This will be a potluck style meal so be sure to bring something to share. Around 9 pm we hope to do a Healing circle to call on our Ancestors for some treats and healing. We did this circle last year and everyone that came felt like they got to reconnect and share something with their loved ones that have passed on. Karaoke will be going on all day and later in the evening there will be a bonfire. My wonderful husband has worked hard to brew some special meads for this event and will bring it out to share some with our ancestors and those who wish to enjoy our circle. Hope to see you all there and if you are a vendor our healer and wish to be added to the web page or to be apart of this event, contact Akasha through text at 256-345-3950. She will reserve your spot and tell you what she will need to include you on the website. As always, Blessed Be!

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