New Products!

We, at DragonPri’s, have been busy placing new stock on the shelves. We are so very excited to be getting an infusion of new items that we have never supplied before. DragonPri’s has been able to find someone who hand forges these awesome necklaces that are great for both men and women. We can hardly wait to see the amazing pieces this black smith produces in his future. So far, we are impressed.

Akasha has been busy in the kitchen again and has finally made the oil she has been promising all summer. From her own ghost pepper plant, she has produced an oil that is perfect for those enemies that just won’t leave you alone no matter what. This is not to be applied to skin, thus the reason it’s in a roll on bottle, making it so much easier to apply to your candle without the worry of touching the oil itself. Akasha did use ghost peppers with this oil. Using this will work in a way to attract those enemies who are already close by, planning their next assault on your happiness. Once they are close enough and go for their attack, it activates. It sends their attack right back with the burn of ghost pepper. Be careful when using this. This is not a protection oil, even though it does protect. This is to teach a lesson to those who keep causing you pain for their own amusement. We have all found ourselves in situations where this is needed.

This is another product of Akasha’s. This time she has been busy at the sewing machine again. We have 3 different sets of Alter cloths, Tarot Bags and matching mask. One of the sets is nautical and shows the world and a few nautical symbols along with a couple of ships. The other set is nautical too with the sailor rose symbol, skulls and a few other nautical theme pics. I know a few who would really love this one. The last set is actually a holiday themed one full of cute holiday phrases that are perfectly relatable for this time of year.

If you are looking for a place to advertise your hobbies or what you do, DragonPri’s wants to help you out. Just send a text to 256-345-3950. Include in this text a paragraph of what you sell and a little history of your journey with creating or doing what it is you do as a service or products. Make sure to include pictures of yourself and what you sell. We will gladly add you to our page. If you bring some business cards to our store, we will gladly place them in it.

My husband and another group member has been so very busy with brewing meads and wine. They have been very generous in donating to the Thunder of Dragons Ritual group for their events and also to the events that DragonPri’s host. This being said, they got more muscadines than they needed. So they turned some into muscadine jelly. If you are interested in some, you can find it at DragonPri’s. It is really delicious and the money from the sales of the Muscadine goes into making more meads and wines for the events.

The Thunder of Dragons has a public Solstice Ritual coming up on December 20, at 6pm. There will be snacks and drinks along with tree decorating going on. After the circle we will have a bon fire for those who won’t be ready to go home right away and want to enjoy some of the mead and or wine that will be served during the ritual. We can hardly wait for this event and we hope to see you there, and as always, Blessed Be!

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