Ostara Event

DragonPri’s is hosting this event along with the Thunder of Dragons Ritual Group. This is a family fun event where we will be playing many fun games. There will be prizes with the fishing for eggs game. Don’t worry, we will be using paper grass instead of water. Some games, Everyone on the winning team will get a raffle ticket. Look at the end of this blog to see the Raffle Items.

For those who wish to get a reading from a seasoned Tarot Reader/Medium, she is offering free 30 minute readings via zoom, so even if you can’t make the event, you can still get your reading. Text Lisa Hazard at (205) 678-1162 and schedule your reading now.


We have been honored to have Jenn Saari agree to be a vendor at this event. I hear her magical bath salts are amazing! They sure look amazing. Here are a few pictures to see a few special ones that she has worked really hard to make.

DragonPri’s will be open also and will be loaded with so many new products that have been saved just for this event to be released. Did I forget to mention there will be food and popcorn at this event too! Oh, for those who are around at 5 pm, there will be an egg hunt just for the kids. They have had it rough over the last year and deserve to have some fun. We will be having an energy raising Ritual at 6 pm. DragonPri’s will supply the egg and soil for this ritual. Bring a pot big enough to fit a chicken egg and whatever seeds you wish to plant. DragonPri’s will supply pot and seeds for a $5.00 fee for those who wish. One pot is all that is necessary per family. This is a family ritual where as families we will ask to grow what we need and desire for the year. We have found the ritual not only entertaining but really fun as not only you see you plant grow, but also that what you asked for. Hope to see you all at the Ostara Event and here is the picture I promised of the Raffle items.

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