Sweet Heat


Use this oil on the candle that you choose to represent that bully that just won’t leave you alone.  It has been placed in a roller bottle to make application easier without the need to touch.  This does contain ghost pepper, so, please use caution and don’t get it in contact with any skin.

The way this oil works, is by attracting the bully to you and then when they get close enough, but not close enough to hurt you, they will burn with the pain and agony they have inflicted on you.  All they have to do is desire to hurt you again to trigger the oil.  It is like a trap that surrounds the bully in the unbearable pain and heat of what they have inflicted upon you the moment they desire to attack again.

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This oil comes with a warning.  This was made with Ghost pepper, so do not put in contact with your skin or anybody else’s.

Dimensions .25 × .25 × .5 cm


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