DragonPri’s is hosting a Samhain Event. This event is free and child friendly. There will be vendors and healers at this event. They will be offering their services to those who wish and the vendors will have items they have worked hard to make. There will be candy to be handed out for the kids who come and I am sure if the adults want some they will be welcome to it too. After all, we are all kids at heart.

Around 5 pm, we will be setting the food out. There is no charge for the food. All we ask is that you bring something to share. DragonPri’s will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. If you wish to have something thrown on the grill, please bring it and our cook will be happy to help you out. This will most likely be the time when we will start the bon fire.

Throughout the event, except while we are having our circle, there will be Karaoke going on for those who wish to have some fun singing. This will also be free, but donations will be welcome. My husband will be running this and once you come and talk music with him you’ll understand why.

We still have room for vendors and healers. If interested, please contact Akasha through text at 256-345-3950. We would love to help show you off to the community.

7 pm should be when our circle gets started. We will be having some corn husks available to make a doll. When you come to the event you will find out the importance of this corn doll. This will be a basic pagan ceremony where we will be calling upon the 5 elements and our ancestors. We did this circle last year, and everyone felt like they got the chance to connect to their loved ones and share a special treat. My amazing husband has worked really hard on some mead that he has made just for this event. We will be bringing it out to share with our ancestors.

DragonPri’s has been working hard on this event and we hope to see you all there. We understand that many won’t be able to attend because of the Covid virus. There will be Germex station at the event. We are not enforcing masks. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you wish to wear a mask, we fully understand and will respect it. Hope to see you all and as always, Blessed Be!

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