DragonPri’s Hosting Solstice

For those looking for something to do to celebrate this Winter Solstice may be interested in the pagan circle that will be happening at DragonPri’s on December 20th at 6 pm. DragonPri’s will be suppling the cheese balls and a few other snacks. If you wish to bring a snack to share, you are more than welcome to. This ritual will be one to cleanse us of this difficult year in order to prepare ourselves for the new year. We will have things for everybody to do. If interested, contact Akasha for any more details.

Smudging Basics

There has been a rise in people coming to the store, looking for instructions on how to smudge properly. With the demand being so very high, DragonPri’s has decided to offer a $12 class on smudging. Akasha will be teaching everybody the does and don’ts to smudging and everybody who comes gets there own white sage smudge wand to use along with a vial of protection oil. Seats will be limited so RSVP ahead of time. This class is scheduled for December 7th at 7pm.

Sweet Justice

DragonPri’s is proud to announce the release of a new product. We call it Sweet Justice. This is the bully oil I have been talking about for the last 6 months. We are so very excited to finally have this ready. What this little gem does, is, it works like a trap. Those bullies won’t be able to resist the sweet aroma of this. Then when they are about to attack in their usual way, it will activate, burning them in a ring of fire that completely surrounds them. This oil was placed in a roll on to make it easier to apply to candles without touching it. It was made with ghost peppers, so please do not place in contact with skin or eyes. This is only available in the 5 ml roll on bottle and costs $25. Another product of DragonPri’s has just recently been restocked. That product is Bring Back the fire. With the way this year has been for everybody, Akasha felt the need to kick this oil up a notch. So for those who are running low, you can come on in and either get the vial or the large bottle. The vial is $2.99 for 5 ml and the large bottle is $9.99 for 4 oz. So much is happening at DragonPri’s so keep checking back for more updates and as always, Blessed Be!

Tarot Walk-ins at DragonPri’s

DragonPri’s Gifts will start having walk in Tarot Readings, but this will be at limited times only. The schedule for walk in Tarot readings will be; Tues, 3pm till 8pm, Wed. 3pm till 6 pm, and Thurs, 3pm till 6 pm. Tarot readings done during any other time will need to be scheduled in advanced. Akasha also does scheduled readings that are pre paid for over the phone for those who are unable to make it to the store.

I know some may be confused as to what happened to the weekly Tarot with Akasha live on Facebook. DragonPri’s has been steadily going through many changes lately. One of them is finding ways to give a little extra to those who are wishing to support DragonPri’s, but don’t really want any physical products. To aide in these generous patrons, DragonPri’s has turned to Patreon. This allows us to create a variety of donation Tiers to offer at least digital contact. Facebook will get the weekly Tarot with Akasha, but only after it has been available to our generous patrons first. So if you wish to wait for the reading to hit Facebook, you will have to wait till Wednesday to be able to watch it. For those who wish to show support to DragonPri’s for a variety of digital content, you will get yours Monday at 4pm. Getting first watch of Tarot with Akasha isn’t the only benefits that can be enjoyed but other videos too. There are already a couple of educational videos on it now and soon a new tier will be created. This will be for tried and tested home remedies. Akasha will instruct on how to create many home remedies with safety tips and other advice. Akasha already has the first recipe in mind and can hardly wait to share it with you all. I can’t wait to be able to help you in the many ways I have made myself available to you all and as always, Blessed Be!

Getting things Ready for Samhain!

DragonPri’s has been working hard to get things ready for the Samhain Event. We have things looking really nice in one of the areas we have set aside for healers and readers to be able to do what they do best in a pleasant atmosphere that is comfortable. There is still a few things needed done in this area but it looks to nice to not share at this time with you. We want to make sure, that not only will the public be able to feel relaxed but our guest healers and readers as well while they do their best to aide those who seek their help this Saturday. We will have a couple of amazing Readers/Healers and a couple of some amazing Ladies who are miraculous with yarn when it comes to Crotchet items. We will also have a vendor who has a very long history with the craft and I am so excited to have her as our quest. Some will know who I am talking about and those who don’t won’t want to miss the opportunity to get to talk to her and see her wares. I will save the introduction to the amazing people that we will have as our vendors and healers. They do such a better job at that than I could ever do. There may be a couple more vendors at this event than I have let on so don’t be surprised who you will see and what we have in store for everyone to enjoy on this special day, that marks the end of summer and the beginning of the dark half of the year.

Our vendors will set up their areas between 1 and 2 pm. We will begin the event for the public at 2pm. Around 5 pm. we will be serving food. DragonPri’s will be supplying hot dogs and hamburgers for this event. There will also be some warm apple cider that I know many will enjoy. What better way to bring in the end of harvest season. There will be a simple Pagan Circle Ritual to call upon our ancestors and take advantage of this Blessed Night. This will begin at 7 pm. Throughout the day there will be a place to create a corn husk doll along with instructions on how to create one. If you are going to be a part of our circle, you will need one of these to burn. We did a similar event last year and everyone who participated felt more connected to their ancestors. There will be karaoke and a bon fire too.

There will be a raffle going on this day too. We will be giving away a large rose quartz and a Tarot Reading Gift Certificate from DragonPri’s that will be good for a free 20 minute Reading from Akasha. Everybody gets one free ticket by showing up. After that, you will have to make purchases with the vendors to get more tickets. Every $10 spent gets you a ticket. Other vendors may choose to donate to this raffle only if they choose to. We will be having a drawing for the winners of the raffle at 7:30 pm. After our Circle Ritual.

This should be a fun event. It costs nothing to come and the vendors will have plenty of items to purchase. Children are welcome and the vendors should have candy for any trick or treaters who may decide to come by. So, come on by and check us out. Hope to see you all there and as always, Blessed Be!

New Moon

Tonight is the first night of the New Moon! I know I posted a pick of a full moon, but new moons can’t really be seen and since this post is about the moon and I really love this picture, I just choose to use it.

Now that I got that out of the way, what are your plans for tonight? Do you know what can be done on a New Moon or that it is just as important as the Full Moon?

One thing you can do on a New Moon night is do a reset on your crystals. Sometimes the energy can just get to where it just isn’t right with your crystal no matter what you do. So reboot it by letting the “rays” from the New Moon reset it’s energy. It is similar to charging your crystals except in reverse. That way, when the Full Moon comes along, you can charge them and really enjoy them. If you have never done this, you may want to give it a try. Resetting your crystals is good for them. You don’t have to reset all of them. You will know which ones you feel need this.

New Moons are perfect for reflection on what you need brought into your life. New beginnings, new romances, new careers, new partnerships, new goals, new freedoms, you get the idea. Tonight is the night to create rituals that can help bring these things about. If you don’t get to it tonight, you will always have tomorrow night. These things can be done then too.

I know this year has been tough and many are trying to figure out how to bring things that they need into their lives. This night is one of those nights that can help make it happen. So, have a wish, desire, dream and want it to happen so very badly, then write it down and burn it in the flames of a candle that can help aide you. You can go as elaborate or simple as you would like.

Hope this help you bring those dreams into a reality, I know it has for me and believe me, I plan to take full advantage of this night myself for not only personal and family, but for DragonPri’s as well. Have a magical night and as always, Blessed Be!


DragonPri’s is hosting a Samhain Event. This event is free and child friendly. There will be vendors and healers at this event. They will be offering their services to those who wish and the vendors will have items they have worked hard to make. There will be candy to be handed out for the kids who come and I am sure if the adults want some they will be welcome to it too. After all, we are all kids at heart.

Around 5 pm, we will be setting the food out. There is no charge for the food. All we ask is that you bring something to share. DragonPri’s will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. If you wish to have something thrown on the grill, please bring it and our cook will be happy to help you out. This will most likely be the time when we will start the bon fire.

Throughout the event, except while we are having our circle, there will be Karaoke going on for those who wish to have some fun singing. This will also be free, but donations will be welcome. My husband will be running this and once you come and talk music with him you’ll understand why.

We still have room for vendors and healers. If interested, please contact Akasha through text at 256-345-3950. We would love to help show you off to the community.

7 pm should be when our circle gets started. We will be having some corn husks available to make a doll. When you come to the event you will find out the importance of this corn doll. This will be a basic pagan ceremony where we will be calling upon the 5 elements and our ancestors. We did this circle last year, and everyone felt like they got the chance to connect to their loved ones and share a special treat. My amazing husband has worked really hard on some mead that he has made just for this event. We will be bringing it out to share with our ancestors.

DragonPri’s has been working hard on this event and we hope to see you all there. We understand that many won’t be able to attend because of the Covid virus. There will be Germex station at the event. We are not enforcing masks. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you wish to wear a mask, we fully understand and will respect it. Hope to see you all and as always, Blessed Be!

New Product!

DragonPri’s has been working really hard to get this product out and on the shelves. We are excited to say that we finally got these sewn, packaged,labelled and on our shelves.

These are Stuffable Gingerbread Dolls. They are so perfect for more than just ritual reasons. They are also good dream dolls and toys for cats. They can be stuffed with herbs that are perfect for the work that you are doing. There is a flap in the back that marks where to cut. Just raise the flap and cut. Makes it easier to hide the stitches if you wish to sew it up, or you can leave it open for continuous work where you can change or add the stuffing as you wish. These are $12 at DragonPri’s if you are interested in purchasing one. Akasha has created a video on how to use these on DragonPri’s YouTube channel.

Be on the lookout for another new product in a week or two. Hoping to be releasing portable alters filled with alter supplies. Keep your fingers crossed that all works out and we can get these ready quickly and on our shelves.

DragonPri’s is hosting a healers and vendors event, Samhain Event, on October 31. We are looking at between 1 and 2 pm that the vendors and healers set up. Between 5 and 6 pm, DragonPri’s will be setting out food. This will be a potluck style meal so be sure to bring something to share. Around 9 pm we hope to do a Healing circle to call on our Ancestors for some treats and healing. We did this circle last year and everyone that came felt like they got to reconnect and share something with their loved ones that have passed on. Karaoke will be going on all day and later in the evening there will be a bonfire. My wonderful husband has worked hard to brew some special meads for this event and will bring it out to share some with our ancestors and those who wish to enjoy our circle. Hope to see you all there and if you are a vendor our healer and wish to be added to the web page or to be apart of this event, contact Akasha through text at 256-345-3950. She will reserve your spot and tell you what she will need to include you on the website. As always, Blessed Be!


Today we celebrate Mabon. This is a Sabbat that celebrates the autumn equinox. It is believed that the name came from a welsh hero Mabon. This holiday also celebrates mid harvest or the second harvest. This is the time of year that farmers are in their fields gathering food for their families for the long hard winter ahead. It is believed that this holiday was the holiday to give thanks for the healthy harvest of crops and animals. This is also a day where there is equal light and dark. So it is also a good idea to focus on balance for on this day their is a near perfect balance of the two.

A very good way to celebrate Mabon is with a feast with friends and family. Picking apples or making alcohol are also great ways to honor this holiday. I will be celebrating by helping my awesome husband work on some muscadine wine. It won’t be ready to drink. Their will be tasting though, which will give us an idea of what to expect when done.

With everything going on in the world this year, this would be a great day for rituals that are to bring balance, equality, and harmony, Focus on what you are thankful for. I know this year has been tough, but I have found that on our toughest years, that what we end up being grateful for things we never fully appreciated before. Take time to meditate and maybe do some chakra work. Are your chakras balanced and aligned like they need to be. Go for a hike and meditate on those chakras to find some inner balance. Maybe if we worked to balance and align our chakras we may find a way to bring some balance, equality and harmony into the world. Hope you enjoy Mabon, and as always, Blessed Be!

Mental Health Post

Ever since the very beginning of the Covid I have had a large number of calls of people wondering what they can do to help them battle the mental health issues the virus, not to mention the rioting and other things that are also impacting peoples mental well being. For this post though, I am mainly going to focus on what the Covid virus and what the shutdowns have done to create these issues and things that can be done to help deal and heal. With how some States being more shut down than others, not everyone will be able to do everything that may be advised to do to help with the mental health crisis that is hitting this nation by storm.

If you are thinking of suicide and are looking for help, here is a number you can call anytime and get the help that you need. tel:1-800-273-8255 If you have hearing problems, they also have a way to chat through their website at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/. They are there to help you when you need it. Also, never be to afraid to consult a professional. If you need the help then go get it. It takes a lot more courage to get the help you need than you think. Being strong and silent will only make things worse.

Over the years of dealing with depression myself along with ptsd, I have learned a few things that work for me. I use herbs, exorcise, hobbies, tarot, meditation and talking to others who understand what I have been through. It took me years to figure it out and some days are better than others.

Here is a list of herbs that can be used to help with depression. Please consult a doctor before using herbs for your depression as they may interact with other medications or medical conditions you may be having.

*Arctic Root – Boosts overall physical and mental vitality. Increases resilience to physical and mental (emotional) stresses. Impacts the mood. Great for fast results.

*Ashwagandha – It’s similar to Arctic Root, reduces levels of the stress hormone Cortisol. Great for depression that is combined with stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

*Curcumin – is the active ingredient in tumeric. Renown for its anti-inflammatory and brain boosting properties. As effective as Prozac. Treats obsessive compulsive disorders (ocd) and major depression. Can be took for an indefinite amount of time. I use this for depression and the arthritis pain I have.

*Gingko (Gingko Biloba) -Is a lot like Arctic Root and Ashwagandha. Can improve memory. increases blood flow to the brain. Lowers Cortisol levels.

*Saffron – Rare and known for fraud due to how expensive it is. As effective as Prozac. Reduces hunger and the urge to snack. Great for anxiety, stress, OCD, and PMS. If pregnant do not take in high doses.

*Arsenicum Album – When depression is accompanied by anxiety and gastric distress.

*Aurum Metallicum – for depressed workaholics dealing with a personal or business setback.

*Ignatia Amara – for the depression that follows grief, loss or shock.

*Natrium Muriaticum – for sensitive people who bottle up their anger or grief.

*Pulsatilla Nigricans – When depression is due to hormonal changes or emotional neediness.

*Sepia – For postnatal or menopausal women who have lost their zest for life.

Physical activity is always recommended when dealing with depression. Just keep in mind to find a physical activity you will enjoy. I got chickens to help with this. Although I don’t enjoy cleaning up after them, I do enjoy watching them and the time I spend with them is quite relaxing.

Find a hobby. This is important. Find something you enjoy and that fits into your budget. This can take some time to discover and you may find that you enjoy doing a multitude of things. The idea is to find something you enjoy that can be your little escape from everything. We all need a way to escape the stresses of life.

Going to a Reiki Healer would also be recommended. I was blessed to come across a Reiki Healer that was able to remove my flashbacks that I suffered with for most of my life. Not everybody will have the same results. I was ready to release them at the time and I believe that helped the Reiki Healer do what I needed done. I was told I may need more sessions in the future, but so far I have been blessed that what was done with that amazing healer has held up for about 1 year so far. Here’s to many more years free of those flashbacks.

In my early 20’s I started learning the Tarot. My favorite spread was the Celtic Cross. I would always remove both of the future cards due to the fact I tried to see what I wanted to in those cards instead of what they were wanting me to see. I loved how this spread looks at the past choices that lead to the current situation. The spread also would show where my thoughts, fears, and hopes and dreams are, at the time concerning the situation. This gave me an inside look at myself in a way that I couldn’t run from. Making me face myself in a way that I needed to in order to make the changes I needed in my life to find happiness. One of the things about the Celtic Cross spread that I find really insightful is the environment factors. This card usually shows how others are perceiving you and your situation. I love it when it points to a person to turn to for the advice that I need. I still use this spread with myself and it will always be my favorite spread when doing readings. I love using this spread with clients as my first spread of the session. I find that it is helpful for me to connect to my clients. Often this spread will answer the question they came for in the first place.

Diet is also important. Just like a kid can’t focus in school without having enough food to eat, so you can not focus and function without eating properly. Eating regular meals can also help keep the chemicals in your brain more balanced too.

You may also want to consider how you talk, perceive and feel about yourself. Changing how you talk to yourself is important. Do you talk to yourself the way you want others to talk to you? Or do you talk to yourself in a negative way making it hard for you to see your amazing worth and value. If you find yourself being in a negative head space or are seeing nothing but negatives about yourself, then you need to take a break. Take a time out and think of at least 3 things about yourself that you love about yourself. Do this often enough and you can change your perception of you. Depression and low self esteem often go together. If you need help with this technique, then ask a friend or a family member to help you out. I was lucky enough to come across someone who helped me with this back in 2010.

Depression is a real ailment that affects so many people. This illness is nothing to be ashamed of. We all need a little help from time to time. If you find yourself dealing with this illness, know that you are not alone. You will get through this and you are worthy of having a happy life.

Call Out to all Local Talent

DragonPri’s is calling out to all local talent for 2 reasons at this time. We understand that during this very difficult time, it has been even more difficult to connect with people and showcase what you can do. DragonPri’s is opening up a whole section just for locals to advertise what they can do and to offer ways to connect with them personally. Also, DragonPri’s is hosting a healers and vendors event on October 31. We are hoping that by this time the Covid threat will be at lower levels and that people will feel like getting out. So, for those who just cant stand being indoors and need to get out, here is something just for you. DragonPri’s is hosting this event. We are hoping that some of local healers will feel up to coming out and showcasing what they do for our community. We would like to have the vendors and healers show up between 1 and 2 pm on the 31 of October. We will have some tables and we will have areas for healer’s to be able to see clients. DragonPri’s plans to serve a pot lock between 5 and 6 pm and we will be encouraging everyone to bring a dish to share. We are looking to do a simple ceremony in honor of this Sabbath. We will have Karaoke for those who feel like getting up and singing. We will be serving mead during and after our ceremony and we are looking to have a bon fire. We are hoping to see many familiar faces. Those who have been lost to this virus will be remembered during this event. If you can’t make this event or just can’t risk the exposure, we completely understand. Hopefully many of the Healer’s and vendors will allow me to advertise them to everybody in our local talent section so that you can still get in touch with them without the risk or on at a time that works better for you.

If you are interested in either the event or allowing DragonPri’s to add you to our local Talent section then please contact Akasha through text at 256-345-3950 or through Facebook Messenger. Hope to see you all soon and as always, Blessed Be!

What has been going on at DragonPri’s

Here you can see a little sneak peak of what is going on. DragonPri’s has been going through some major changes this year. As you can see we can now fit a table in the store now. Chairs will be brought in as needed for Tarot Readings and Consultations. We got rid of one of the two big display cases and have been busy moving everything around. It looks a lot better now than what it has been lookin. Still have a couple of wall hangings to hang, signs to create and hang, and to reorganize the whole store. Once all that is done, I promise to take plenty of pictures and post them so you can see how nice it looks. It has been one heck of a process getting everything done, and we are happy to say that it actually looks a lot brighter in there now.

As you can see there are signs of chaos in these pictures. We have cleaned it up since these were taken and the next ones shouldn’t have all the clutter. Thank you all so much for bearing with us through all this commotion.

As of September 1st we will no longer have the 50% off sale. Instead we will have a clearance area for things that are on huge discount. We have been busy working on new stock items and ideas. So keep checking back for updates on those new products and updated pictures on the progress of the stores transformation. We are open and have remained opened through this whole transformation. We did close down in March so that we could clean and sanitize our home and now we are doing this to the store. We are trying to be thorough. The closure was also needed for our own health and to sanitize our home from getting sick ourselves and to figure out more about the virus.

We are not expecting our customers to wear masks. We are leaving this up to you. If you wish us to wear masks in the store while you are there, we completely understand and will respect this by wearing one ourselves. Our household has already been hit by the virus going around and from what our tests reveal, we have plenty of antibodies still. This is why we are not as worried about getting it as much as most of our customers. We got it long before anybody knew what it was that was going on. We greatly feel for our community and all those who have suffered losses from this horrible virus. There is a full moon on September 2nd and Akasha is planning on doing a ritual then in remembrance of those we have lost this year to the Covid Virus. If you wish to have your loved ones remembered, just message DragonPri’s through our Facebook page or through the stores number. The ceremony will be live on Facebook for those who wish to join in and watch.

Thank you all for being patient with us through our transformation and we look forward to seeing you all either at the store or through one of our many events. Have a blessed day and as always, Blessed Be!