Ostara Event

DragonPri’s is hosting this event along with the Thunder of Dragons Ritual Group. This is a family fun event where we will be playing many fun games. There will be prizes with the fishing for eggs game. Don’t worry, we will be using paper grass instead of water. Some games, Everyone on the winning team will get a raffle ticket. Look at the end of this blog to see the Raffle Items.

For those who wish to get a reading from a seasoned Tarot Reader/Medium, she is offering free 30 minute readings via zoom, so even if you can’t make the event, you can still get your reading. Text Lisa Hazard at (205) 678-1162 and schedule your reading now.


We have been honored to have Jenn Saari agree to be a vendor at this event. I hear her magical bath salts are amazing! They sure look amazing. Here are a few pictures to see a few special ones that she has worked really hard to make.

DragonPri’s will be open also and will be loaded with so many new products that have been saved just for this event to be released. Did I forget to mention there will be food and popcorn at this event too! Oh, for those who are around at 5 pm, there will be an egg hunt just for the kids. They have had it rough over the last year and deserve to have some fun. We will be having an energy raising Ritual at 6 pm. DragonPri’s will supply the egg and soil for this ritual. Bring a pot big enough to fit a chicken egg and whatever seeds you wish to plant. DragonPri’s will supply pot and seeds for a $5.00 fee for those who wish. One pot is all that is necessary per family. This is a family ritual where as families we will ask to grow what we need and desire for the year. We have found the ritual not only entertaining but really fun as not only you see you plant grow, but also that what you asked for. Hope to see you all at the Ostara Event and here is the picture I promised of the Raffle items.

DragonPri’s Releases Hazard Cats Line

These Cat Embroidered Drawstring Bags are just the beginning of a line of new products that will be hitting DragonPri’s shelves this week. They have been created in honor of Lisa Hazard and her outstanding Hazard Cat Tarot Deck that she has worked so hard on for more than 2 years. We are so very excited for her accomplishments of such a large undertaking. It takes a master to create a deck and she really shows those skills in each and every card. She crafted her beautiful deck from the very cats that she has been blessed to have in her life. Now through her stunning Tarot deck she is able to share these marvelous memories with us. Lisa Hazard proves her mastery of Tarot with her creation of The Hazard Cat Tarot Deck. When Lisa does readings for her clients she uses the Hazard Cat Tarot Deck and gives such clear and accurate readings that keep her clients coming back for more. To honor her memory of these beautiful cats and her dedication to immortalize them in such an amazing way as to share them and her gifts with us, DragonPri’s has started to create a line of products that are starting with these drawstring bags and soon will even make it onto masks too. Keep on checking back to see other products this line will have for you. Hope the New Year has been full of blessings for you. Stay safe and as always, Blessed Be!

Happy New Year!

We, at DragonPri’s hope everybody has a safe and happy New Years!

Everybody can agree that 2020 was a difficult year and are ready to put this whole year behind you. I can understand that, but this year hasn’t been all bad. I do want to keep a few memories of this year with me. I just know from my own past the importance of not allowing the negativity into a new beginning. I have had more than a few bad years in my life and feel the need to give this bit of wisdom and knowledge that was hard learned for me. In the past when a new beginning was ahead of me, I would focus on all the things I didn’t want in my new beginning. This was alright, but actually brought that negative energy into my new life without me knowing. It took me a long time to realize I was so doing things wrong and actually setting myself up for failure right from the start line. While reflecting on what you don’t want is good. It helps you to set the boundaries you need to. The thing is, a new beginning is so very tough and has no room for negativity and usually has no time for it. So instead, focus on what was good. What brought laughter to your life this year? Bring that into this new year. What made you feel loved and accepted this past year? I bet someone or something did. Bring that into this new year. What relief and aide did you receive that made life feel, even for an instant, like you had an angel looking out for you? Take the feelings that gave you into the new year. Take the positive things into the new year. I want to challenge everybody to reexamine this past year looking for only the good things. Look for the memories of laughter, loving someone and feeling loved in return. Bring that energy into this new year and fight to keep the negative out of your head and heart while thinking of this year we are about to have. This is hard to do, but so very worth it in the end. Life is to short to hold onto the worst years. We have a new beginning heading our way with 2021. Lets bring it in with remembering the good and bring that into the new year. What ways are you planning to make this year better for you and anybody else who would benefit? Keep your thoughts hopeful and positive and call those things into your new beginning. I bet your year will be a lot better when you do. Hope, love, laughter, joy, acceptance, feeling blessed are all emotions that are highly charged that can make miracles happen. Go ahead and call your miracle, you so deserve it! Hope your New Year is full of many blessing and miracles and as always, Blessed Be!

New Products!

We, at DragonPri’s, have been busy placing new stock on the shelves. We are so very excited to be getting an infusion of new items that we have never supplied before. DragonPri’s has been able to find someone who hand forges these awesome necklaces that are great for both men and women. We can hardly wait to see the amazing pieces this black smith produces in his future. So far, we are impressed.

Akasha has been busy in the kitchen again and has finally made the oil she has been promising all summer. From her own ghost pepper plant, she has produced an oil that is perfect for those enemies that just won’t leave you alone no matter what. This is not to be applied to skin, thus the reason it’s in a roll on bottle, making it so much easier to apply to your candle without the worry of touching the oil itself. Akasha did use ghost peppers with this oil. Using this will work in a way to attract those enemies who are already close by, planning their next assault on your happiness. Once they are close enough and go for their attack, it activates. It sends their attack right back with the burn of ghost pepper. Be careful when using this. This is not a protection oil, even though it does protect. This is to teach a lesson to those who keep causing you pain for their own amusement. We have all found ourselves in situations where this is needed.

This is another product of Akasha’s. This time she has been busy at the sewing machine again. We have 3 different sets of Alter cloths, Tarot Bags and matching mask. One of the sets is nautical and shows the world and a few nautical symbols along with a couple of ships. The other set is nautical too with the sailor rose symbol, skulls and a few other nautical theme pics. I know a few who would really love this one. The last set is actually a holiday themed one full of cute holiday phrases that are perfectly relatable for this time of year.

If you are looking for a place to advertise your hobbies or what you do, DragonPri’s wants to help you out. Just send a text to 256-345-3950. Include in this text a paragraph of what you sell and a little history of your journey with creating or doing what it is you do as a service or products. Make sure to include pictures of yourself and what you sell. We will gladly add you to our page. If you bring some business cards to our store, we will gladly place them in it.

My husband and another group member has been so very busy with brewing meads and wine. They have been very generous in donating to the Thunder of Dragons Ritual group for their events and also to the events that DragonPri’s host. This being said, they got more muscadines than they needed. So they turned some into muscadine jelly. If you are interested in some, you can find it at DragonPri’s. It is really delicious and the money from the sales of the Muscadine goes into making more meads and wines for the events.

The Thunder of Dragons has a public Solstice Ritual coming up on December 20, at 6pm. There will be snacks and drinks along with tree decorating going on. After the circle we will have a bon fire for those who won’t be ready to go home right away and want to enjoy some of the mead and or wine that will be served during the ritual. We can hardly wait for this event and we hope to see you there, and as always, Blessed Be!

DragonPri’s is Hosting a Solstice Ritual this Sunday!

This Sunday at 6 pm, the Thunder of Dragons Ritual group will be having their Solstice Ritual and we are inviting the general public to this event. We will be decorating our own tree and will even have a few treats to share along with stories. This will be a pagan circle and there will be alcohol there due to a couple of the group members and their fondness for creating brews. They have 2 meads that they have been working on and a wine. After the circle there will be a warm bonfire available to those who wish to chase away the cold. There will be hot chocolate provided, and yes Akasha has fixed the recipe. The general public will get to help decorate the tree and burn a piece of paper where you will get to write what it is that which has weighed you down long enough so that you can release it. The Solstice is a day to release the old and to make way for the rebirth of the Sun.

New Moon

I know the picture is of a Full Moon and this blog will be about the New Moon. I just really like this picture and this topic will be about the Moon. Most people come to my store and ask what to do on Full Moon nights, but rarely anybody asks me what can be done on New Moon nights. There are so many things that can be done on New Moons. One thing you can do is a reset drain on your crystals. This is like a reboot for your crystals when they haven’t been feeling right and you think you may have exposed them to something that has them feeling weird. This will completely wipe your crystals of anything that may be stored in or on your stones. Just set them out on the New Moon night. Don’t forget to cleanse them first. I like to take them and place them in a safe until the next Full Moon. They won’t be able to assist me until I charge them again, so I don’t do this often. I have never done this more than one time in a year, and usually after a really hard year. Sometimes I go years without doing this.

For those who are calling things into their lives, like prosperity, healing, new job, new career, and even a new home; New Moon nights are perfect for this. So, the next time that you are doing spell work where you are in need of something new coming in, remember that New Moon nights have the perfect energy just for that. Also, if you repeat your work every night from the New Moon until the Fool Moon, you have a higher chance of getting exactly what you are asking for. Just be careful what you asked to and remember to visualize your new coming into your life and what your life will be like with it. Remember to have some fun doing it while you are at it. So don’t hesitate to make your spell completely you. Enjoy!

DragonPri’s Hosting Solstice

For those looking for something to do to celebrate this Winter Solstice may be interested in the pagan circle that will be happening at DragonPri’s on December 20th at 6 pm. DragonPri’s will be suppling the cheese balls and a few other snacks. If you wish to bring a snack to share, you are more than welcome to. This ritual will be one to cleanse us of this difficult year in order to prepare ourselves for the new year. We will have things for everybody to do. If interested, contact Akasha for any more details.

Smudging Basics

There has been a rise in people coming to the store, looking for instructions on how to smudge properly. With the demand being so very high, DragonPri’s has decided to offer a $12 class on smudging. Akasha will be teaching everybody the does and don’ts to smudging and everybody who comes gets there own white sage smudge wand to use along with a vial of protection oil. Seats will be limited so RSVP ahead of time. This class is scheduled for December 7th at 7pm.

Sweet Justice

DragonPri’s is proud to announce the release of a new product. We call it Sweet Justice. This is the bully oil I have been talking about for the last 6 months. We are so very excited to finally have this ready. What this little gem does, is, it works like a trap. Those bullies won’t be able to resist the sweet aroma of this. Then when they are about to attack in their usual way, it will activate, burning them in a ring of fire that completely surrounds them. This oil was placed in a roll on to make it easier to apply to candles without touching it. It was made with ghost peppers, so please do not place in contact with skin or eyes. This is only available in the 5 ml roll on bottle and costs $25. Another product of DragonPri’s has just recently been restocked. That product is Bring Back the fire. With the way this year has been for everybody, Akasha felt the need to kick this oil up a notch. So for those who are running low, you can come on in and either get the vial or the large bottle. The vial is $2.99 for 5 ml and the large bottle is $9.99 for 4 oz. So much is happening at DragonPri’s so keep checking back for more updates and as always, Blessed Be!

Tarot Walk-ins at DragonPri’s

DragonPri’s Gifts will start having walk in Tarot Readings, but this will be at limited times only. The schedule for walk in Tarot readings will be; Tues, 3pm till 8pm, Wed. 3pm till 6 pm, and Thurs, 3pm till 6 pm. Tarot readings done during any other time will need to be scheduled in advanced. Akasha also does scheduled readings that are pre paid for over the phone for those who are unable to make it to the store.

I know some may be confused as to what happened to the weekly Tarot with Akasha live on Facebook. DragonPri’s has been steadily going through many changes lately. One of them is finding ways to give a little extra to those who are wishing to support DragonPri’s, but don’t really want any physical products. To aide in these generous patrons, DragonPri’s has turned to Patreon. This allows us to create a variety of donation Tiers to offer at least digital contact. Facebook will get the weekly Tarot with Akasha, but only after it has been available to our generous patrons first. So if you wish to wait for the reading to hit Facebook, you will have to wait till Wednesday to be able to watch it. For those who wish to show support to DragonPri’s for a variety of digital content, you will get yours Monday at 4pm. Getting first watch of Tarot with Akasha isn’t the only benefits that can be enjoyed but other videos too. There are already a couple of educational videos on it now and soon a new tier will be created. This will be for tried and tested home remedies. Akasha will instruct on how to create many home remedies with safety tips and other advice. Akasha already has the first recipe in mind and can hardly wait to share it with you all. I can’t wait to be able to help you in the many ways I have made myself available to you all and as always, Blessed Be!

Getting things Ready for Samhain!

DragonPri’s has been working hard to get things ready for the Samhain Event. We have things looking really nice in one of the areas we have set aside for healers and readers to be able to do what they do best in a pleasant atmosphere that is comfortable. There is still a few things needed done in this area but it looks to nice to not share at this time with you. We want to make sure, that not only will the public be able to feel relaxed but our guest healers and readers as well while they do their best to aide those who seek their help this Saturday. We will have a couple of amazing Readers/Healers and a couple of some amazing Ladies who are miraculous with yarn when it comes to Crotchet items. We will also have a vendor who has a very long history with the craft and I am so excited to have her as our quest. Some will know who I am talking about and those who don’t won’t want to miss the opportunity to get to talk to her and see her wares. I will save the introduction to the amazing people that we will have as our vendors and healers. They do such a better job at that than I could ever do. There may be a couple more vendors at this event than I have let on so don’t be surprised who you will see and what we have in store for everyone to enjoy on this special day, that marks the end of summer and the beginning of the dark half of the year.

Our vendors will set up their areas between 1 and 2 pm. We will begin the event for the public at 2pm. Around 5 pm. we will be serving food. DragonPri’s will be supplying hot dogs and hamburgers for this event. There will also be some warm apple cider that I know many will enjoy. What better way to bring in the end of harvest season. There will be a simple Pagan Circle Ritual to call upon our ancestors and take advantage of this Blessed Night. This will begin at 7 pm. Throughout the day there will be a place to create a corn husk doll along with instructions on how to create one. If you are going to be a part of our circle, you will need one of these to burn. We did a similar event last year and everyone who participated felt more connected to their ancestors. There will be karaoke and a bon fire too.

There will be a raffle going on this day too. We will be giving away a large rose quartz and a Tarot Reading Gift Certificate from DragonPri’s that will be good for a free 20 minute Reading from Akasha. Everybody gets one free ticket by showing up. After that, you will have to make purchases with the vendors to get more tickets. Every $10 spent gets you a ticket. Other vendors may choose to donate to this raffle only if they choose to. We will be having a drawing for the winners of the raffle at 7:30 pm. After our Circle Ritual.

This should be a fun event. It costs nothing to come and the vendors will have plenty of items to purchase. Children are welcome and the vendors should have candy for any trick or treaters who may decide to come by. So, come on by and check us out. Hope to see you all there and as always, Blessed Be!

New Moon

Tonight is the first night of the New Moon! I know I posted a pick of a full moon, but new moons can’t really be seen and since this post is about the moon and I really love this picture, I just choose to use it.

Now that I got that out of the way, what are your plans for tonight? Do you know what can be done on a New Moon or that it is just as important as the Full Moon?

One thing you can do on a New Moon night is do a reset on your crystals. Sometimes the energy can just get to where it just isn’t right with your crystal no matter what you do. So reboot it by letting the “rays” from the New Moon reset it’s energy. It is similar to charging your crystals except in reverse. That way, when the Full Moon comes along, you can charge them and really enjoy them. If you have never done this, you may want to give it a try. Resetting your crystals is good for them. You don’t have to reset all of them. You will know which ones you feel need this.

New Moons are perfect for reflection on what you need brought into your life. New beginnings, new romances, new careers, new partnerships, new goals, new freedoms, you get the idea. Tonight is the night to create rituals that can help bring these things about. If you don’t get to it tonight, you will always have tomorrow night. These things can be done then too.

I know this year has been tough and many are trying to figure out how to bring things that they need into their lives. This night is one of those nights that can help make it happen. So, have a wish, desire, dream and want it to happen so very badly, then write it down and burn it in the flames of a candle that can help aide you. You can go as elaborate or simple as you would like.

Hope this help you bring those dreams into a reality, I know it has for me and believe me, I plan to take full advantage of this night myself for not only personal and family, but for DragonPri’s as well. Have a magical night and as always, Blessed Be!