Tarot Walk-ins at DragonPri’s

DragonPri’s Gifts will start having walk in Tarot Readings, but this will be at limited times only. The schedule for walk in Tarot readings will be; Tues, 3pm till 8pm, Wed. 3pm till 6 pm, and Thurs, 3pm till 6 pm. Tarot readings done during any other time will need to be scheduled in advanced. Akasha also does scheduled readings that are pre paid for over the phone for those who are unable to make it to the store.

I know some may be confused as to what happened to the weekly Tarot with Akasha live on Facebook. DragonPri’s has been steadily going through many changes lately. One of them is finding ways to give a little extra to those who are wishing to support DragonPri’s, but don’t really want any physical products. To aide in these generous patrons, DragonPri’s has turned to Patreon. This allows us to create a variety of donation Tiers to offer at least digital contact. Facebook will get the weekly Tarot with Akasha, but only after it has been available to our generous patrons first. So if you wish to wait for the reading to hit Facebook, you will have to wait till Wednesday to be able to watch it. For those who wish to show support to DragonPri’s for a variety of digital content, you will get yours Monday at 4pm. Getting first watch of Tarot with Akasha isn’t the only benefits that can be enjoyed but other videos too. There are already a couple of educational videos on it now and soon a new tier will be created. This will be for tried and tested home remedies. Akasha will instruct on how to create many home remedies with safety tips and other advice. Akasha already has the first recipe in mind and can hardly wait to share it with you all. I can’t wait to be able to help you in the many ways I have made myself available to you all and as always, Blessed Be!

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