What has been going on at DragonPri’s

Here you can see a little sneak peak of what is going on. DragonPri’s has been going through some major changes this year. As you can see we can now fit a table in the store now. Chairs will be brought in as needed for Tarot Readings and Consultations. We got rid of one of the two big display cases and have been busy moving everything around. It looks a lot better now than what it has been lookin. Still have a couple of wall hangings to hang, signs to create and hang, and to reorganize the whole store. Once all that is done, I promise to take plenty of pictures and post them so you can see how nice it looks. It has been one heck of a process getting everything done, and we are happy to say that it actually looks a lot brighter in there now.

As you can see there are signs of chaos in these pictures. We have cleaned it up since these were taken and the next ones shouldn’t have all the clutter. Thank you all so much for bearing with us through all this commotion.

As of September 1st we will no longer have the 50% off sale. Instead we will have a clearance area for things that are on huge discount. We have been busy working on new stock items and ideas. So keep checking back for updates on those new products and updated pictures on the progress of the stores transformation. We are open and have remained opened through this whole transformation. We did close down in March so that we could clean and sanitize our home and now we are doing this to the store. We are trying to be thorough. The closure was also needed for our own health and to sanitize our home from getting sick ourselves and to figure out more about the virus.

We are not expecting our customers to wear masks. We are leaving this up to you. If you wish us to wear masks in the store while you are there, we completely understand and will respect this by wearing one ourselves. Our household has already been hit by the virus going around and from what our tests reveal, we have plenty of antibodies still. This is why we are not as worried about getting it as much as most of our customers. We got it long before anybody knew what it was that was going on. We greatly feel for our community and all those who have suffered losses from this horrible virus. There is a full moon on September 2nd and Akasha is planning on doing a ritual then in remembrance of those we have lost this year to the Covid Virus. If you wish to have your loved ones remembered, just message DragonPri’s through our Facebook page or through the stores number. The ceremony will be live on Facebook for those who wish to join in and watch.

Thank you all for being patient with us through our transformation and we look forward to seeing you all either at the store or through one of our many events. Have a blessed day and as always, Blessed Be!

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